Dr. Chris Michaels 12-3pm


Dr Chris has his fingers on the pulse of Nashville and Hollywood, and doesn’t mind sharing his opinion on music, movies or life in general. Take a peak inside Docs’ mind (if you dare) while he shares with you his thoughts on everything from the latest music to something he found in his couch cushions.

I’ve been doing this for a long time, originally from the Quad Cities I moved from town to town til I landed in central Illinois in the 90’s (that makes it sound a long time ago doesn’t it?). I’ve met some incredible people, had dinner with a bunch of artists, been to my share of concerts, and just really dig what I do. I’m a lifelong Cubs fan, actually, lifelong baseball fan and can be found sitting at a random baseball field now and then just to watch a game. I have some great kids that make their old man really proud, and just hope that I’ve taught them some good over the years. Words of advice for me – Always remember and never forget…you’re good, and getting better everyday.

Dr Chris Michaels